About Self Tanner Reviews

Every day we buy many different self-tanning products which include tanning lotions, tanning pills, tanning creams, tanning sprays, mousses, Tanning Towelettes and bronzer.

SelfTanning.com was formed with one mission in mind:  to help you choose the best self-tanning products on the market and show you the best and easiest ways to use tanning products.

We base our reviews on tests we make, combined with reviews written in the most reliable websites. We collect self-tanning reviews from customers all over the world, hence we come up with the best and most reliable reviews ever made. That is, in other words, your friends, neighbors and customers who actually tried and experienced these tanning products by themselves.

A dedicated team of editors review the products based on a specific set of criteria which we find most helpful.  The end product is a complete and easy to understand rating and ranking for each product. We are proud to give you the world’s most complete and timely list of the best self-tanners on the market.

In addition to product reviews, we constantly update this site with helpful tips.