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Sun Tanning important facts

Sun Tanning, important facts that you need to know The sun tan was not always a status symbol of luxury. In fact, it was a sign of the hard working man, brown from exposure of manual labour day after day. Society’s view of the tan changed when CoCo Chanel stepped off her plane to the full view of paparazzi with a dark tan, the result of sunburn whilst visiting the

How to Remove Self Tanner in 6 Simple Steps

A self tanner basically refers to any product that interacts with your skin to make it pleasantly brown. Most of the best self tanning products can be in the form of tanning lotions, gel, creams, foam, and tanning sprays. Do you know also that self tanning can go by different names? It is also referred to as spray tanning, airbrush tanning, sunless tanning and even UV-free tanning. Again you might be

Spray Tanning, Everything You Need To Know

What is spray tanning? Spray tanning is a quick and easy form of self-tanning. It is applied as a fine, mist-like spray. It is the healthy alternative to looking tan without spending hours roasting in the sun. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. Briefly explained, self-tanning is sunless tanning. How is it applied? There are 3

The Best Self-Tanners You can find Online

What is a self-tanner? Before we can ascertain which is the best self-tanner, let us briefly consider what self-tanning is. It is one way of achieving a healthy looking skin tone without spending hours in the sun. Briefly explained, self-tanning is sunless tanning. What kinds of self-tanners are available? You can choose from a variety of self-tanning products: spray tan, self-tanning lotion or self-tanning mousse. Each of these products contains