Spray Tanning, Everything You Need To Know

What is spray tanning?

Spray tanning is a quick and easy form of self-tanning. It is applied as a fine, mist-like spray.
It is the healthy alternative to looking tan without spending hours roasting in the sun. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can lead to skin cancer and premature aging.
Briefly explained, self-tanning is sunless tanning.
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How is it applied?

There are 3 ways to apply spray tan:

  1. A tanning booth at a professional beauty salon
  2. A trained beauty therapist applies the spray tan using a compressed-air spray bottle (similar to the one used by painters when they paint a house). This can be done at a beauty salon or in the privacy of your own home
  3. Self-application using an off the shelf, spray ‘tan-in-a-can’. Be wise in your choice of product. Cheaper is not always better. Look at the list of ingredients and make sure there are no harmful chemicals. Read spray tan reviews

Why is it so popular?

Society says

Many famous personalities, models and movie stars have healthy, sun-kissed complexions.
As they show off their tanned bodies, we imagine their high flying lifestyles and all the exotic destinations they visit.
We picture them on tropical beaches around the world and, in all honesty, we want to portray that kind of lifestyle.
We too want to look tanned and healthy, because thanks to the persuasions and opinions offered by society, a pale skin is not the ultimate picture of healthiness.

Your greatest asset is your skin

You have heard the expression: “Love the skin you’re in!”
Your skin is your largest organ and on fine, summer days most of it is exposed to the environment you live in.
One of your greatest desires is to radiate health, and the easiest way to do that is to care for your skin.
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How do I know what is right for me?

Which product is best?

There are several forms of self-tanning products available.

  • spray tan
  • self-tan lotion
  • self-tan mousse

Each of these products contains the same active ingredient; the difference is in the way they are applied.
Self-tanning lotions and mousses are applied by hand or with a sponge and may leave streaky marks if not applied properly.
They also take longer to dry and therefore may rub off on your clothing, bedding or towel.

As previously discussed, spray tanning is a very fine mist that is sprayed on to your skin.
To be sure you will not have an allergic reaction which forces you to hide inside, or even worse, have to seek medical attention, test the product you choose on a small area of your skin first.
Do some research and read self-tan reviews to help you decide which products are best for your skin and your lifestyle.

I have sensitive skin, what now?

There are organic spray tan products available for those with sensitive skin.
For your own peace of mind read through articles and web information regarding self-tanner for sensitive skin.

What shade do I choose?

pexels-photo-112327 (1)The tone of your tan is dependent on the occasion.
In winter you would choose a lighter shade and in summer you can go a shade or two darker.
Getting ready for a summer holiday? Let that beach bronze rock.
The shade you choose is largely dependent on your natural skin color. People with pale skin should choose lighter tones so avoid looking orange or unnaturally fake-tanned.
Rather start with a lighter shade and gradually go darker until you discover the best spray tan color for your skin tone.

Is there any bad news?

  • Unfortunately spray tanning does not last long. The results will last from three to seven days
  • A professional spray tanning session is expensive and can cost from $25 to $50. The DIY self-tan option is cheaper but it’s difficult to get the same results
  • The main ingredient in spray tanning products is a chemical called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA).  Although this chemical is safe to use on your skin, it may not be safe to inhale; so take the necessary precautions when administering it near your face. Comply with the advisory warnings on the label and read spray tan reviews that have been written about the product.

What about the good news?

  • Spray tanning is easy
  • It dries quicker than other self-tanning products
  • It results in a more even tan, no streaks or blotches
  • An organic spray tan is available for people with sensitive skin

How do I prepare my skin?

5 things to do to get the best spray tan results

  1. Shave or wax the day before self-tanning
    For the best results, exfoliate the day before
  2. Don’t wear moisturizer, makeup or deodorant. They contain oils which may prevent the product form adhering to your skin
  3. Cover your knees, ankles, elbows and palms with a thin layer of moisturizer during the treatment and wear lip balm. These areas react differently and are inclined to absorb more DHA; resulting in darker patches of skin.
  4. Don’t shower or swim for at least 8 hours after your treatment.

It’s done. Now what?

It will take an hour or two for your spray tan to develop and the optimal tone is achieved after three to five hours.
After your spray tanning session, stay out of the sun for 24 hours. The treatment will cause your skin to become very sensitive to UV damage.
Your spray tan does not act as a sun-block. Apply sunscreen liberally.
From the day after your treatment you should begin applying moisturizer, and plenty of it.
Chlorine will make your tan fade fast, so avoid swimming in pools that have this chemical in them.

The last word

After all is said and done, we want a natural-looking tan. Too often, the same celebrities whose lives we admire have given us reason to chuckle when they have had a fake tan fopaux.
Whether you choose to stay with your natural skin tone or want to experiment with different types of self-tanner products, the most important thing to remember is that YOU are the one inside your skin. Your skin may well be your largest organ but it will never be as valuable as your heart or your mind.
Be kind to the whole of you.

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