Sun Self Tanning Lotion – Product Review

Sun Self Tanning Lotion

Sun Self Tanning Lotion

Color Look and Feel

8.0 /10


7.5 /10

Drying Time

8.5 /10


8.0 /10


7.5 /10


  • Contains a color guide
  • Color develops within a few hours
  • Does not smudge or smear
  • Dries quickly
  • Leaves skin feeling moisturized


  • Smells like soap
  • Stains hands; therefore wear gloves
  • More expensive than competing brands
  • Product may leak due to pump action nozzle
  • Runny gel may be tricky to apply

Sun Self Tanning Lotion Ultra Dark Instant Tint -

Product Review


If it’s a dark self-tanner that you are looking for, then look no further.
Sun self-tanning lotion will give you a natural looking tan in only a few hours.
If you would prefer to go darker still, it’s as simple as spreading on another application of the sunless tanning cream.

Sun Self Tanning Lotion3This self-tanning cream has a gel-like consistency which makes it an ‘easy to apply’ sunless tanning product. It also reaches its optimum color in approximately three hours.
Bear in mind this is one of the darker self-tanners.

The color guide provides instant color which prevents uneven application; a common mistake which results in streaking or patchiness.
The color guide rinses off, leaving behind a fabulous looking tan.

Comprising a natural sugar-based formula, this tanning lotion is safe for all skin types and can be used on your body and face.
Relish the way this sun tan lotion leaves your skin feeling hydrated, thanks to its moisture protecting formula.

Sun Self Tanning Lotion1Sun self-tanning lotion comes in a handy pump action dispenser to aid in hassle free application. If you do not receive latex gloves or a mitt with your order, we would highly recommend that you acquire some, as this dark self-tanning lotion may stain your hands.


Sun self-tanner, ultra-dark, is viewed by many as the best sunless tanner for a quick and easy sunless tan.
Achieve the same tanned look you would get from a salon spray tan in the comfort of your own home.
Step out confidently this season with a healthy looking tan that will leave you and your skin feeling great!



This is the best self-tanning lotion I have ever used, and I have used several. The fact that it is ultra-dark is just perfect for me. I have always had to use the others several times to achieve the correct darkness for my complexion. One time is just perfect with this. And it is so moisturizing. I just love it, and will definitely be buying this again and again."

♦ Stacidb


"The best tanning lotion I've ever used,

Hands down..the best tanning lotion I've ever used and I have tried MANY!

Highly recommend applying with a tanning glove."

♥ Acelia.M

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